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Filler Grade Barite

Naturally occurring barium sulfate pigments, barytes, are useful in a variety of applications. They are chemically inert (e.g., acid resistant); they have a high density, and a low oil absorption; and they are radiopaque. Hence, they positively impact the performance properties of formulated products. Barimite products are buff colored because of their iron oxide content, and they represent a low cost alternative to blanc fixe and white barytes in applications where filler brightness is a secondary issue.

Barimite series products have a neutral pH which is an advantage in alkali sensitive formulations.

Note: Barytes pigments perform well in high solids, solvent and water borne applications. Like most mineral filler pigments, coarser products tend to be more inexpensive than finer products.

Barimite UF - is designed for use in applications requiring an ultrafine mean particle size and a very fine topsize. Applications include high gloss enamels, thinner film coatings, primers (e.g., OEM & automotive), powder coatings, plastics, inks and other products needing a topsize finer than 10um.

Barimite XF - is a general purpose grade of barytes. Its topsize is fine enough for it to be used in many high gloss and semi-gloss enamels, but it is also used in a variety of primers, inks, plastics and other applications where a smooth surface is required and/or where abrasion may be an issue. "XF" is often the reinforcing filler of choice in black and darker colored rubber compounds.

No.22 Barytes - is a 325 mesh filler that is commonly used in matte topcoats; primers; brake pads; sound deadening; gasketing compounds; sealants; rubber compounds; urethane & pvc foams; etc.

Barimite 200 - is a 200 mesh filler that is used primarily in brake pads; sound deadening; high build coatings; and sealants where its larger topsize can be tolerated.

G-50 Barytes - is the coarsest barytes manufactured by CIMBAR Performance Minerals. It is widely used in unique friction formulations